The Emotional Meaning Of Home

by The New Honey Shade

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UTR - 153

The New Honey Shade - The Emotional Meaning Of Home


"The Emotional Meaning Of Home." is available as part of Bandcamp Friday, all profits from the sales today will be donated to the ACLU to help those in need. Each song is also accompanied by a 16mm film, using footage shot by my great Uncle Elmer during the 50's and 60's. The record deals with the themes of rebirth from grief, long-suffering, and loss of innocence.

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In the burned house I am eating breakfast.
You understand: there is no house, there is no breakfast,
yet here I am.

The spoon which was melted scrapes against
the bowl which was melted also.
No one else is around.

Where have they gone to, brother and sister,
mother and father? Off along the shore,
perhaps. Their clothes are still on the hangers,

their dishes piled beside the sink,
which is beside the woodstove
with its grate and sooty kettle,

every detail clear,
tin cup and rippled mirror.
The day is bright and songless,

the lake is blue, the forest watchful.
In the east a bank of cloud
rises up silently like dark bread.

I can see the swirls in the oilcloth,
I can see the flaws in the glass,
those flares where the sun hits them.

I can’t see my own arms and legs
or know if this is a trap or blessing,
finding myself back here, where everything

in this house has long been over,
kettle and mirror, spoon and bowl,
including my own body,

including the body I had then,
including the body I have now
as I sit at this morning table, alone and happy,

bare child’s feet on the scorched floorboards
(I can almost see)
in my burning clothes, the thin green shorts

and grubby yellow T-shirt
holding my cindery, non-existent,
radiant flesh. Incandescent.



Home shapes us, defines us, nurtures us, gives us a sense of love and stability. As one grows old and departs from childhood, we see this soft and loving world vanish into the past. And yet, we are beckoned to begin again. A rebirth from the grief, long-suffering, and loss of innocence. Something begins to stir inside of us as guardians, finding safety in the memory of what was once good.

*Dedicated to my Father and Brothers. After the passing of our Mother in early 2005, my family was struck with grief and sorrow. She gave us life, love, and an idyllic childhood. Each song features a 16mm family film, shot by my Mother's Uncle, Elmer Stoops, in the 1950's-60's.




released February 3, 2017

Sounds + Production

Arp 2600
Juno 106
Korg DW8000
RMI Organ
Yamaha SK30
Elec Gt
Violin + Viola (Lindsey Neal Kuykendall)

Mark Kuykendall


Michael Tunk



all rights reserved


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