1. Hikikomori
    Warui Musuko

  2. Emergence (Single)
    Samuel Regan

  3. Acousma (Single)
    Samuel Regan

  4. Be Well
    Ben Rath

  5. a gentle voice
    Gallery Six & bu.re_

  6. Things That Were Almost Broken
    James Osland

  7. as a moment in time framed by ubiquity
    The New Honey Shade

  8. polysemie iii

  9. keep treading

  10. Destroyed By Madness
    Francesco Giannico

  11. Vol. VII (Various Artists 2019)

  12. Open Your Hand

  13. Stof&Geest
    Anne Chris Bakker

  14. Wanderer
    Francesco Maria Narcisi

  15. Worthy Realms

  16. Not Lost

  17. untitled
    Lee Chapman

  18. WOOL (2nd Edition Reissue)

  19. Vol. VI (Various Artists 2018)

  20. Red Sun Phase

  21. variations on the letter H
    Olan Mill

  22. Tethys II (String Tribute)
    Tristan François de Liège

  23. All Of A Sudden
    Pepo Galán & Max Würden

  24. 1,000 Sewing Machines
    Ben McElroy

  25. Songs from the Haunted South
    Old Fire

  26. Vol. V (Various Artists 2017)

  27. Wounded Knee
    Piotr Cisak

  28. The Rest Is Silence
    Arash Akbari

  29. 7

  30. The Last Sense To Leave Us, A Tribute To Pauline Oliveros
    Rural Colours

  31. iunius
    The New Honey Shade

  32. Senses

  33. Ides
    Samuel Regan

  34. 'Landscape with Silent Figure'

  35. Rast

  36. Tethys II
    Tristan François de Liège

  37. A Warm Room
    Samuel Regan

  38. Gold to Gold
    Gilder / Bilín Wake

  39. The Emotional Meaning Of Home
    The New Honey Shade

  40. Vol. IV (Various Artists 2015-2016)

  41. Untitled
    Benjamin Hill and Samuel Regan

  42. Stil de Grain
    Samuel Regan

  43. Studies : Rothko
    Ruhe + Lee Chapman

  44. halte, dérives
    Mathieu Lamontagne

  45. Mirror Messages

  46. Lonesome Goldmine
    Annie Ellicott

  47. Here Comes The Acoustic Season
    Gallery Six + Sound Awakener

  48. Here Comes The Acoustic Season
    Sound Awakener & Gallery Six

  49. All In Good Time
    Ben Rath

  50. sightless seasons
    The New Honey Shade

  51. Stay Out Long Enough And The Night Becomes Your Home
    Lost Trail

  52. for linda
    The New Honey Shade

  53. Tendrils
    Le Moors


  55. Sky Takes
    A. Nigh Herndon + Mark Kuykendall

  56. memoirs: to dust

  57. Vol. II (Various Artists 2013)

  58. Vol. III (Various Artists 2014)

  59. Sub + Rosa
    Monolyth & Cobalt

  60. Fluids
    Post Global Trio

  61. glacier park
    Danny Clay

  62. Water Garden
    Darren McClure + Miguel Isaza

  63. Litania
    Francesco Giannico

  64. Stehr

  65. Transcend!

  66. Synesthesia
    Porya Hatami & Lcoma

  67. Synesthesia
    Porya Hatami + Lcoma

  68. Gold Girl


  70. Variations For Music Box
    Sima Kim

  71. WOOL

  72. Bottle Field
    The New Honey Shade

  73. The Blind Fold
    Dylan Golden Aycock

  74. Every Day Feels Like A New Drug
    Porya Hatami & Lee Anthony Norris

  75. Every Day Feels Like A New Drug
    Porya Hatami & Lee Anthony Norris

  76. Frontiers Of The Mind
    The New Honey Shade

  77. From November To March
    Alex Kozobolis & Lee Chapman

  78. Your Plateaux

  79. faded
    Sima Kim

  80. The Walnut
    The New Honey Shade

  81. The Index

  82. Unknown Tone Vol.1

  83. Lathe Of Heaven
    The New Honey Shade

  84. Slender Threads Soon Disappearing
    The New Honey Shade

  85. Focused In: A 30-Minute Meditation

  86. Seductive Plants
    Buoyhood // The New Honey Shade

  87. Weaving Spiders Come Not Here
    The New Honey Shade

  88. Cyprea

  89. Industrial Microscopy
    The New Honey Shade

  90. Ozark Dream
    The New Honey Shade


Unknown Tone Records Tulsa, Oklahoma

Midwest label exploring the surreal – avant-garde blended with film noir, as expansive and isolating as the Oklahoma prairie

Experimental Ambient

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